Miller Animal Hospital

380 North Greenbush Road
Troy, NY 12180



The Miller Animal Hospital provides pet boarding as a service to our clients.  All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff.

We require that all pets boarded be up to date on their annual exams and vaccines.


DOGS require current distemper, bordetella, rabies and canine influenza vaccines.

CATS require current distemper and rabies vaccines.

For boarding, clients will need to call to schedule an appointment with our staff.  If the pet has never boarded at our facility, we require that they be scheduled for a half day of boarding here prior to your departure.  This will help us determine if your pet will be comfortable in our busy hospital environment.  

In addition to the above, all clients must complete the following Boarding Admission Form and bring it with them.


Owners are responsible for providing an ample supply of the pet's food and any medications the pet is currently taking on a daily basis.  The Boarding Admission Form will provide places to list the feeding schedule and what medications need to be given while boarding.  If insufficient food is provided, there is an additional charge of $5 per day for us to provide food.


Unless special arrangements have been made in advance with our staff, Drop-Off and

Pick-Up times are Monday through Friday (no weekends) during the following hours: 

Between 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM


Between 1:40 PM and 4:00 PM     

We regret that we are unable to

admit or discharge

boarders during lunch hours.

(11:30 AM - 1:40 PM)