Miller Animal Hospital Files - 'Forms'http://milleranimalhospital.evetsites.netMiller Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary practice in Troy, NY specializing in small animal health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary Medical animal pet health care in a professional, friendly, relaxed setting.Boarding Form a quicker check in, please download and complete this form when you bring your pet in for boarding. Don't forget to bring food and any meds that are needed.file/58538/Boarding FormMAH Financial Policy read and sign this form and bring it with you to your first appointment.file/60268/MAH Financial PolicyNew Patient Registration fill out this form and bring it with your for quicker check in. Don't forget to bring your pet's previous medical/vaccine history and a fecal sample with you for your pet's first appointment. file/41923/New Patient RegistrationPet Caretaker Treatment Authorization Form you are planning on going away and intend to leave your pet with a caretaker, you can complete this form and bring it to our office. This gives us authorization to treat your pet in case of an emergency. file/60573/Pet Caretaker Treatment Authorization FormRelease of Information complete this form and bring it to the Miller Animal Hospital to allow us to release vaccination information to your groomer and/or boarding facility. You can also designate whether you would like information released to any pet adoption agencies if you are adopting a new pet.file/61004/Release of Information