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February is Dental Month

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  Did you know that  

ticks never die and mosquitoes 

can still surface during the 

warmer winter weather.             

Talk to our staff about options to protect your pet. 

Remember, it's always easier and less expensive to

take steps to prevent these diseases than to treat them.  

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Guide to Understanding Parasitic Diseases in Dogs

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Hate to run out in the middle of bad weather

for your pet's meds or food? 

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our Home Delivery Program 

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The Doctors of Miller Animal Hospital Do Not Recommend purchasing medications

from internet pharmacies that are not NABP Verified Internet 

Pharmacy Practice Sites.  If you are a client who wants to have 

a prescription written to be filled by an internet pharmacy,

we ask that you click HERE to print out a form to bring to our office,

along with your request for our Doctors to write an Internet Prescription.

Note - Using VetSource does not require this form.

Just go to their site, and they will request authorization from us electronically.

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