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Summer Newsletter

As the summer months are upon us just a few friendly reminders for when coming to visit the office.

Although we continue to invite clients in for Veterinarian appointments, we continue to use a curbside check in system with our lobby remaining closed.  If coming for visit in the warmer weather, please be aware that the parking lot becomes a very dangerous place for pets to roam.  We ask that if you chose to wait outside of your car that you walk your pets in the grassy side lot to avoid the hot asphalt from burning their paws and the incoming traffic of clients coming and going.  We also ask that you try to stay in a shaded area and to provide space for other owners and pets that may also be walking.  Finally we ask that all cats be in a secure carrier for safety and that all dogs be securely leashed for safety.


You will find a new Pet waste station on the side lot that contains waste bags and a receptacle to place bags.  We do ask that you clean up after your pet when walking the property to keep it a nice field for everyone to enjoy.


We have now moved to a script only policy for pharmacy prescriptions.  If you refill or order prescriptions through a local pharmacy such as CVS or Hannaford etc, we will no longer be able to call in a script for your pet.  We are happy to provide you with a written script that can be picked up at our office for your convenience to bring to your pharmacy.  


We are also requesting 24 hour notice for prescription refills.  If you are in office for an appointment we are always happy to refill at that time, however if you are calling to pick up a refill, we ask that you kindly provide our office with 24 hour notice.  At this time we are seeing product deliveries being delayed along with difficulty keeping up with requests for refills with short notice.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support providing our staff time to properly fill your pet’s scripts.


We continue to use Vet hero to assist with reminder calls for appointments scheduled.  We ask that you continue to respond to these texts and emails to confirm your appointment when receiving them 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.  We are striving to keep open lines for clients calling in to schedule or request medication refills and are working to eliminate reminder phone calls.


As we move toward electronic reminders for appointment confirmation we are also moving to electronic reminders for services coming due.  As discussed In February, we are now sending email reminders for vaccine and annual wellness exams coming due if we have an email provided on your chart.  We ask that you check your spam regularly for reminders and make sure you maintain up to date information on your pets chart for contact number and email contact.  Pet portal continues to be available to all clients as an access point to reference your pets vaccine status and medication history.  We encourage clients to sign up so you have access to this information at your convenience as an additional way to keep up to date on upcoming due services.  


We continue to accept new clients at our practice.  We ask that if you are new to our practice or have a new to our practice pet with an upcoming appointment, that you provide us with the most up to date chart/information PRIOR to your visit.  We work diligently to have all information uploaded into our system so your pet has an accurate record on file when you arrive.  This allows the first appointment to run more smoothly and for our vets to have all the necessary information to provide you with the best care.


Adoption day!!  We will be performing our adoption day raffle again online this year.  Please be on the look out on social media for details and raffle options.  We will have a 2 week long sale of tickets in the fall with the proceeds benefiting Pepper Tree Rescue and Orange Street Cats.  We will be sharing adoptable pets and updates throughout the raffle regarding these two wonderful organizations.   We thank all of our wonderful sponsor in advance for their generous donations and we thank you, our clients for your continued support in our efforts to support local shelters.


As it has been a long winter we are excited to welcome Summer sunshine!  We look forward to continue seeing you and your beloved pets at Miller Animal Hospital!


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